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The resource exchange for entrepreneurs.

Green Break­fast Club is a monthly net­work­ing event series for resource exchange and sto­ry­telling. Our event for­mat includes a keynote speaker who is a Sus­tain­abil­ity Leader, giv­ing a keynote that is half suc­cess story half fail­ure story. This is fol­lowed by our sig­na­ture resource exchange where each attendee presents them­selves, their ‘gives’ and their ‘asks’ — which is turned into a Resource Exchange List and shared with atten­dees. We began in New York City in Sum­mer of 2011, launched pro­to­type events in Lon­don and Nairobi, have fea­tured All-​Star speak­ers such as Jed Emer­son, Jacque­lyn Ottman, Joe Sibilia and Hazel Hen­der­son, held off­shoot events like Green Cock­tail Club and Green Film Club, and have much more on the horizon.

After 2 years of boot­strap­ping startup mode, we’ve taken stock, and put our Green Break­fast Club events on hold to rework things for a new roll­out in 2014.